Want a Body Like a UFC Fighter? – 3 MMA Training Tips to Help You Learn How to Train and Look Like an MMA Fighter

UFC fighters are some of the fittest athletes in the world. One of the main reasons for this is that they have to crosstrain and train their entire bodies. There are not just a few muscles that they need to train. They do not need huge legs, arms, chest, etc. like a power-lifter or bodybuilder; however, they do need strong explosive muscles that can work intensely for a relatively long period of time. Most people do not want a body like a power-lifter or bodybuilder. They are too big and bulky. Bulk does not benefit an MMA fighter, in fact it is a hindrance, so if you want to look trimmer, feel fitter, and actually get in much better shape MMA training can help you out.

Here are three basic elements to attaining a fitter and better body, similar to an UFC fighter:

1. Circuit Training

2. Explosive Exercises for Strength

3. A program

1. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, circuit training is a way of training (and conditioning) that focuses on different parts of the body in a contiguous chain or circuit. After a full circuit is completed you either do another full circuit or take a brief break before getting back into it. Circuit training is HARD! This is a way to test your will to the limits while you workout! It is difficult because it trains your entire body, creating a cumulative effect of burn and fatigue. If you love training (whether it’s weightlifting or conditioning) though, it is an incredible way to also compact your workout and save you time while working always at a steep intensity.

Circuit training can be used to improve your cardio, strength, and conditioning, even in the same workout. It is tough because it keeps your heart rate up making it harder to recover, but it is one of the keys to attaining a body like an MMA fighter.

2. Another important element of MMA training is to focus on exercises that build strength. It provides no advantage for an MMA fighter to look big and bulky. That bulk can be detrimental to them in a fight. That is why UFC and MMA workouts do not tend to focus on building bulk; rather they do a lot of exercises that build explosive power. This includes a lot of different exercises: from power cleans to deadlifts (and other powerlifting exercises) to plyometrics to using kettlebells to weighted calisthenics. There are too many details to go into here, but remember that they train to build strength, muscle conditioning, and explosiveness within their whole bodies. Look at some videos on youtube to help give yourself get an idea about exercises you may want to do.

3. Finally, anyone who wants to seriously workout, and develop a nicer body needs a program. Without a program you are basically taking a stab in the dark (or many stabs). It can be fun to experiment and try new things in the gym, indeed this should be done to an extent; however, do you have to recreate the wheel when it comes to your training regimen? Of course NOT! In fact, you shouldn’t even try. The more you read and know about MMA training the better you will be at it. No one will have exactly the same program as someone else; however, there are guidelines for constructing better programs. For example, some people may only workout a few muscles on any given day, rest those muscles and then workout others. As you can guess with circuit training, this process of rest is neither necessary nor the best way to get the body you want.

These tips on MMA exercises and strength conditioning will help you to work towards attaining the body of a UFC fighter. Remember to work hard and use your MMA workouts to improve your drive and focus.  Workingout and sport can be used as a method for improving ourselves and our drives.

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