Ufc 111 Fight Prediction – Mir Vs Carwin

There is no Brock Lesnar for Mir, instead he fights Shane “The Engineer” Carwin for the UFC title. The winner of this fight will either face Cain for the championship title or Brock Lesnar if he is healthy enough from his bout of diverticulitis. If you like online betting than this fight is the one to wager on. A person would have thought the MMA wagering odds would be farther apart, nevertheless, Frank Mir is obtaining beneficial UFC betting odds beginning up at -160.

As with Cain Velesquez, the court is still out on whether or not Carwin is as perfect as he is created to be. Velesquez was able to silent his pundits with his showing against Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 110: Nogueira vs. Velasquez then again I do not believe Shane Carwin will be able to do so against Frank as Frank Mir has grow to be quite the all-around martial artist recently as he will probably use his size to his benefit in this fight. Like all wrestlers, Shane Carwin uses his pure toughness for punching which is not very complex. Mir has matured into quite the technical striker and with his brand-new body weight, is in a position to pack a lot of potential into his strikes.

Frank Mir has been working on his striking with DellaGrotte, in Muay Thai. Mark has been able to train Mir to be more technical with his punching which has greatly improved his ability, proof of which was visible when Frank dismantled Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira and a UFC 107 against Kongo where he was able to set up some really effective punches. At this time within the heavyweight division, Frank has the most effective 1-2 combo with his jab cross or jab upper being very awesome.

Shane Carwin has the better wrestling but it is unlikely he will be able to use them in this match. In his NCAA wrestling days Shane was twice the Div 2 wrestling champ, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association II Wrestling Heavyweight National Champion in 1999. Not forgetting he was also a two-time All-American in football for Western State. At the moment he tries to keep his wrestling at par as a volunteer wrestling coach . Given his depth on the wrestling mats Frank Mir will make an attempt to nullify Shane’s game plan by keeping this match standing up. He will stay away from the wrestling clinch and strike from the outside which is not his game. Shane Carwin wants the straight right-hand but is not going to be able to land it since he will try to keep his distance the entire match.

With a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Nate Marquardt, Shane Carwin has lately made the decision to re-do his instruction from the ground up . On power alone he should be a blue belt but in comparison to someone like Mir, he is out matched—especially when it comes to grappling. Frank is currently one of the submission artists in the UFC and only after five years of instruction, he attained his black belt in BJJ from Ricardo Pires, a fourth degree black belt Despite his qualifications on the mats, it is not likely Shane will have a prospect on ground. Fran Mir is very established on the bottom and enjoys to attack the legs and ankles. He favours several submissions and Shane just doesn’t have the necessary knowledge to maneuver out of Frank’s attacks.

Carwin is a huge and powerful fighter who can be champ one day, nonetheless, at the present he must confront Mir, who is a focused and focused MMA fighter. Though he is not the fighter he once was, Frank Mir has trained hard to get himself back to the top of the UFC. Gone are the days when his work ethic and training practices were questioned and he has since committed himself to being the most excellent mixed martial arts martial artist he can be in preparation for a possible rematch with UFC heavyweight champ Lesnar. Though Shane is in better physical condition, however he has yet to be in a struggle outside of the very first round. Shane’s physique desires more oxygenated blood or else fatigue sets in speedily—I can see him gassing out after the second round.

When it comes to UFC sport betting Frank -160 is a steal. Reasonably, I would have thought the UFC betting odds would have been -180 or -190 in favour of Mir. The key to this match up is Frank’s growing striking power. Frank Mir will use speedy striking combos to establish takedowns and once on top, he will out match Shane in a position he will not want to be in—Frank Mir will be able to take his back and apply the rear naked choke.

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