The Crazy World Of Female Fight Clubs

Female fight clubs are their own world where they make their own rules. No one dictates them, not their husbands, not anyone! Like the fight club for men, female fights clubs are real tough too and the way they fight till the end is the same as the males. They can be mean, hard hearted, use every unintelligible words to burn your ears and their ferocity in the fighting ring will have you either with your mouth gaping wide or screaming your lungs out.

Whether it’s the extreme chick fights or fightclub4girls, almost all the fight clubs are created by girls for girls. It has thus a magnetic effect not only for the males but also for females around the world, swarming the arenas to watch the deadly underground fights with passion. This more so because the fight are real; its not for the fainthearted unable to digest drops of blood that’s seen on some of the ferocious fist and knock out fights.

This fight clubs are their own. Not all are invited to participate in this mega fights. Meaning in order to be a member of their fight clubs, it should be earned. So if you are not competitive, afraid of fierce fights then this is not for you. The females are very fearless, ruthless to some score and determined. As such females with qualities like these can only gain entrance to this club. So you have to be tough to the core!

So how exactly is the world of the female fight club’s like? It’s a very competitive and strongly knit environment and yes, fighting female does not mean she’s a convict, a no gooder, living on scraps and all that. Nope the picture is not quite that way actually. In fact the fighters comprise of females from all walks of life. Starting from housewives bored out of their daily routine to girly bartenders, prim accountants to senior officers. They all come from different back grounds and professions but yes, every one of them has one common passion. They just love to fight!

These female fighters get involved in the fight clubs for a variety of reasons though. Some simply take it as a hobby, say like a sports. For some they long for the competition and the dominating feeling that one derives from the fights, some as a means to vent out their frustration, stretching their personal limits by standing up on the ring and having a go fist to fist. Especially in the world of the extreme fight clubs for females, they can be quite raw; they club together not mattering whether you are black or white, young or old, rich or poor. They all get together at a private venue, sort of relieves their stress, pumping up their self esteem too in the process. These females are not scared of cutting their lips or bleeding their nose, they just fight! It’s like a passion, to conquer, to be just themselves.

Source by Sean Lee

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