Review of Street Fighting Uncaged

Street Fighting Uncaged is a downloadable self defense course. You get a number of videos and training guides that show you how to do different self defense moves like punches, groin kicks, strikes, holds, blocks, gun disarms, knife disarms, etc.

You also receive what Jeff Anderson calls “bonuses” that should really be part of the main package in my opinion.

These are additional mp3 files and pdfs that tell you about the mindset of a predator vs. a victim, and how you can change your mindset to that of a survivor.

I won’t say that reading this material is going to make you some prize MMA fighter – it won’t. It takes years of training to reach that level, and you definitely need some live instruction and practice at a real martial arts dojo to get to that point.

What this course will give you is an understanding of the basics of self defense, knowledge and skills of what to do if you get attacked and are at gunpoint, and a confident mindset that will make you less of a target to predators.

For this reason, Street Fighting Uncaged is especially useful to women who want to learn self defense.

If you want a solid, certified online self defense course from someone who knows his stuff, you should download this program. You will get a thorough understanding of basic self defense techniques, and you can use this course as a starter or supplement to a real martial arts class.

However if you learn best by having someone show you in real time how to do various self defense moves, or you just want a face to face instructor, Street Fighting Uncaged isn’t for you.

Source by Shane

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