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Take Me To The Gina Carano Playboy Pictures Now

Gina Carano, voted one of the hottest women in MMA is hitting news headlines for her Playboy pictures. Rumors that the twenty five year old model Gina Carano is going to pose for Playboy have surfaced, and although she hasn’t posed for them yet she’s already took over the covers of Maxim.

Take Me To The Gina Carano Playboy Pictures Now

Her fame isn’t just inside the MMA rings though, she is also fairly famous outside aswell. A former backup Dallas Cowboys quarterback who played between 1977-1983 Glenn Carano is her father. She was ranked one of the world’s most influential women back in 2008 by Yahoo! and listed in the 100 Maxim celebrities.

Having dropped down to just 141 pounds she’s look far more hot and sleek in her new body. She once said in an interview that she’d never pose nude for the Playboy magazine, however it appears times are changing.

In her next MMA fight Gina Carano will be facing the famous Brazilian fight Christina “Cyborg” Santos. She is well known for her aggressiveness and brutality, and so far she hasn’t been beaten in her last seven consecutive fights.

Gina Carano has often been reffered to as “the face of female MMA”. This upcoming fight with Christina “Cyborg” Santos will be the main event of Strikeforce. Her primary fighting focus is mixed martial arts; Boxing and Muay Thai managing to achieve a 12-1-1 record and was offered to participate in the first ever female sanctioned MMA bout Nevada.

She has appeared many times in the NBC popular fighting show: American Gladiators. and also starred in a cult film “Ring Girls” based on a true Las Vegas female story.

Take Me To The Gina Carano Playboy Pictures Now

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