Flyff Blade: The Ultimate Fighter

In the Flyff world there are a number of characters, and each one is part of a distinctive class that determines its powers and abilities.  Although the world of Flyff is full of spells and fun games, it’s also a land of fighters.  That’s where the Mercenary class comes in, and one of the ultimate fighters is the Flyff Blade.  With the Blade you wield a lot of power.

The first step to becoming a Blade warrior is to reach level 60.  Once you’ve reached that level in your gaming, you’re well on your way to a Blade quest to become a top fighter.  The quest involves a Blade Master, monsters and scrolls all to provide assistance or an obstacle on your journey.  When you complete your quest, you will be a tough Blade who’s ready to take on the lands of Madrigal.

At the Blade level as a mercenary, you have an incredible amount of power and options available to you.  Because the Blade is such an advanced level of fighter, you have some distinct advantages.  You may fight with swords, axes and any other weapon that is available to the Mercenary class.  Also, unlike other fighters you can fight with dual weapons instead of just one.  You can engage in surprise melee attacks, penetrate your enemy’s armor, and increase your defenses and have a number of other combat advantages.  As an elite mercenary, your goal is to hit hard and fast and to never look back.

The Blade is no doubt a very tough character.  You become a very skilled assassin who attacks with speed and power whenever you must fight.  That’s great for fighting those fantastic monsters that live among the towns and countryside of the Madrigal territories.  However, don’t become too confident.  There are still other characters that may challenge you and give you a run for your money.  There are Knights, Rangers and other characters in the Mercenary class who can be formidable opponents.  You have to work on your skills to make sure you’re ready for any attack.

Having multiple levels of exciting action may not be something you expect with free online games, but it’s all there with Fly for Fun.  Each class of characters has unique skills to help on the adventurous quests.  In this fantasy world, if you’re a Flyff Blade you’ve reached a superior level of talent.  As a Flyff Blade, you’re armed and ready for battle at any time.

Source by Marlon Jackson

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