Combining Anabolic Steroids With Mixed Martial Arts

Two leading professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters were using Nandrolone Metabolite and Drostanolone and were banned for it. What happened made people realize what many in the MMA circle already were aware of the fighting ring is no stranger to performance-enhancing supplements.

Mixed Martial Arts came out in the underground sports arena in the 90’s, it combined fighting styles from striking to grappling, into one powerful sport. It was banned in many circles at first due the heavy violence. But nearly 10 years later, the underground sport began to gain greater exposure, which increased its credibility. To improve viewing pleasure and ensure fighters were protected from vulgar injuries new standards for fighting were created. The changes made allowed things like corporate interest, sponsors, and Pay-Per-View television events to be a regular part of the sport.

Two things happed to a sport when large amounts of money are introduced. First, as many new athletes join the sport the level of performance is greatly increased. Second, since the stakes of each fight are higher, drug use is more likely to play a part. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line when fighters step into the ring. With all the money and pressure of competition, performance-enhancing drugs quickly found a home in the sport.

A lot of MMA fighters chose to use Halotesten and/or Mibolerone. Effects of taking these include feelings of aggression and strength increases, while not experiencing water retention or weight gain. Strikers often go with Winstrol and Trenbolone. Testosterone and human growth hormone are starting to become more popular in the sport. The supplements are expensive, carefully monitored, and sometimes are only available to some professional athletes. A physician can prescribe testosterone, but human growth hormone is difficult to get your hands on, even from a physician.

The decision of a fighter to take enhancers is a personal decision. All professional fighting organizations forbid the use of steroids, including many stimulants. Testing is very expensive and usually performed at pro levels, where the sponsors will foot the bill for such tests. If many of the top competitors are taking them, does taking steroids constitute cheating? This has become a complicated question. As long as the sport stays successful with worldwide coverage and millions of sponsorship dollars, the need to use performance enhancers will always be present.

Source by Dane Fletcher

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