Are You Being Threatened with a Joe Hand Promotions Lawsuit?

Together, Joe hand promotions Inc., and the UFC have filed thousands of lawsuits against establishments like bars, and restaurants; referring to them as ‘’pirates” and ‘’residential cheaters”, for showing UFC events.

Depending on how you look at it, fortunately or unfortunately, our high speed internet and electronic world allows for many freedoms. Pirating is nothing new, and by the looks of things isn’t going away anytime soon. As in the case of Joe Hand promotions lawsuit, and the UFC; who together are on the hunt to stomp out piracy.

If you are being threatened with a Joe Hand Promotions lawsuit, there are some things you should be made aware of. But, in order to understand a bit of the legalities involved, we have to understand why it’s happening, and why it’s considered piracy.

Back in 2010, a man walked into Plaza Mexico Bar & Grill, in Laredo, Texas. He paid a $5 cover charge, and ordered a beer. He was there to watch a televised Ultimate Fighting Championship; he stayed for around 30 minutes and took some pictures. In all, he counted around 80 customers in the restaurant that night, all there to watch the live fight between Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley. So, do the math – 80 x5 equals $400.

You see, Joe Hand Promotions and the UFC began gathering evidence by sending in investigators to merely act as paying customers. In case you weren’t aware, a commercial fee in the amount of $1,100 must be paid by these establishments to show a pay-per-view event. If no fee is paid, as in the case of Plaza Mexico Bar & Grill, the restaurant and bar owners are wilfully breaking anti piracy laws.

According to Lawrence Epstien, general counsel for Las Vegas-based Zuffa LLC, which owns Ultimate Fighting Championship, these direct violations are costing the company millions in revenue. Therefore, Joe Hand Promotions lawsuits are a definite part of their anti-piracy efforts.

Have you received a letter on behalf of Joe Hand Promotions?

If you like many, are being threatened with a Joe Hand Promotions lawsuit ,there are things you need to know and understand. First, do not ignore the letter from Joe Hand Promotions. In normal legal circumstances, these letters require a response within 10 days, in this case you have 10 days to respond or reply for a Joe Hand promotions settlement. Many business owners unfortunately believe, if they simply ignore the letter, the problem will quickly go away – this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The legal action taken by Joe Hand Promotions’ Attorney will usually consist of three steps. The initial demand letter, a summons and complaint (Joe Hand Promotions lawsuit), and being served with lawsuit papers including a summons to Federal District Court. The lawsuit is often up to $100,000 USD – a very large and intimidating sum to bar owners.

With a summons and complaint, especially with regard to Federal District Court, if you are served these papers, ignoring and not showing up means you lose out right. With a lawsuit like Joe Hand Promotions lawsuit served on you, if you fail to appear in court, the court will award Joe Hand Promotions lawsuit a win, which means you default on the judgement.

Anti-piracy laws in America are being taken more seriously every day. Companies like Joe Hand Promotions and the UFC are claiming millions in losses. These companies in turn are not taking the losses lightly, and perhaps they shouldn’t. So, the next logical step for you, especially if you are a bar owner, is to take the matter just as seriously.

If you are faced with a Joe Hand Promotions lawsuit, your first step should be understanding your rights. By contacting a lawyer , who is familiar with the case, you find out how to avoid paying such large sums, and how you can possibly get out of this very sticky situation.

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